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Women's Success Stories
I didn't know a lot about IBS except what I learned on German Shepherd Dog forums, UNTIL I was hit with it. I believe my trigger was in 2012 when we lost our house to a house fire and then ending up getting a pinched nerve in my sciatic, for which the Dr.'s loaded me up with NSAIDS. After those two things all heck broke loose with my system. I happened to find this product and thought what am I out if it doesn't work. IBSAID has worked really well for me, it did take a few months to see some improvement, I can say that the IBS flares ups are getting farther apart and in shorter duration. I can actually eat a lot of different foods again, instead of a very bland very limited diet. Also I looked up some information on the new drug they are advertising for IBS-D. For the cost of the drug not including insurance and doctor costs I can take IBSAID for 7+ YEARS to 36+ years depending on the cost (ranges from $1600.00 - $3,800.00 for 60 tablets and you will probably have to do two courses). PLUS there are NO bad side effects.
Submitted by Val
"This is still working better for me than anything
has for 30 years. Thank you!"
Submitted by I.C.
"I am feeling better than I have in years! My mother is
also taking IBS Aid and having good results. If this
continues to work for both myself and my mother, you will
continue to see orders from us. This is truly a great product!
 Today, when I visited my doctor and he learned how well I
was doing with my IBS and taking IBS Aid, he asked if I
could get some information sent to him. Apparently, he has
other patients and doctors that he'd like to pass the
information onto."
Submitted by N.S., Female over 50
"Had problems for over 20 years. Many tests and doctors. Very pleased even after two weeks. I had forgotten what normal bowel function should be."
Submitted by Peggy F.

At the age of 22, after suffering excruciating pain, discomfort, embarrassing bodily functions, constant fatigue and skin sores for over eighteen months; I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I had no idea what the disease was and how much it would control my life. This was just the beginning of a long rocky road of hospital visits, surgery and an abundance of drug cocktails, such as Prednisone, Asacol and Cyclosporin, to name but a few.  I have also endured months of liquid diets, (Elemental 028) to allow my intestine to recover from severe attacks of Crohn’s, and also allowing my body to recover before surgery.  My last operation in April of 1999 was successful, for a time. However in 2001, the Crohn’s reappeared, not only in my Intestine and small bowel, but also in my throat and mouth. Again the rollercoaster of pain, drugs and hospital visits were to resume. However the difference this time was that I was married with a small baby and living in a foreign country. I didn’t have my support network of family and friends to help me through the ups and downs of treatment. In February of this year, my Consultant was convinced the only way ahead was yet another operation. I needed something to work fast and have long term effects without the side effects of conventional treatment or surgery.


It’s 2003, and I am 29 years old. I am feeling and looking the best I have felt as long as I can remember. I have had no further surgery and am taking no drugs to treat my Crohn’s. My life changed in March of this year when I started to take your product, IBS Aid. The results were remarkable.  Within 2 weeks, I had more energy and generally felt fitter. Within one month, I had no trace of blood in my feces and my tongue and throat had little to no swellings or surface ulceration. After three months, my mouth was clear, and my bowel movements had changed dramatically. After eight years of pain and diarrhea, I was now free of them both.  The physical changes my body is undergoing are remarkable. The skin sores I suffered around my torso have healed, my nails have begun to grow, my hair has stopped dropping out, and my eyes look brighter and whiter. I no longer look exhausted all of the time.  I now have the energy to run around after my 1-½ year old daughter.  And, I owe all of this to your new formula; it is changing my life!


Submitted by J.W. - Female - 38 years old   (One of the first persons to take IBS Aid)

Before discovering IBS Aid my life was very restricted, and often filled with pain and discomfort. I used to begin my day with a glass of water and anti-diarrhea medicine, and maybe a little white bread or crackers. Eating breakfast was not an option before driving the kids to school. I had long ago given up working outside the home. If you suffer from IBS, you know the dreadful routine that used to be mine: So many foods were not safe to eat, and most social invitations had to be turned down, because there may not have been a private bathroom (or any bathroom in some cases). I went to doctors who said they could not find anything, and some who gave me prescriptions that curbed the symptoms after they were already present. I tried self-hypnosis CDs and even cognitive-behavioral therapy after so many people tried to convince me that the cause of my symptoms was "all in my head". A year ago my father happened to come across IBS Aid, and the timing could not have been better. I had dropped twenty pounds, and was regularly hungry and in pain. Within a month of taking the pills on a daily basis my entire system had changed; there was no longer any pain or gas in my abdomen, my need to use the bathroom was reduced to once a day, and I could even eat a balanced meal that included some dairy and meat. My life had changed completely. I can do things like take a long subway ride without any apprehension, and I am currently applying for jobs outside my home. IBS Aid has saved my life.
Submitted by J.D. – Female over 40
"I am glad that someone thought of us IBS sufferers. IBS Aid has changed my life completely. No more running to the bathroom."
Submitted by B.N.
"After having suffered for 15 years with IBS, I am now free of its terrible symptoms and consequences. The colon surgery, years of doctor's visits and many costly prescription drugs were not able to do what IBS Aid did for me in less than 90 days. I am now living a normal lifestyle, finally able to enjoy walking, shopping and going to a restaurant without having to be within 15 seconds of a bathroom. The product is really great. It has freed me of the misery of IBS."
Submitted by Yvette (retired, Florida, USA)
"I have been using the product for about ten days and from day one it has been wonderful."
Submitted by J.B. - Female over 50
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! After eighteen years of suffering from IBS, IBS Aid took care of all my problems. I have a life again."
Submitted by B.G.N. - Female over 50
 "I feel comfortable for the first time in years. I am 77 years old and have a number of problems; bladder, weight, indigestion. My stomach really feels comfortable."
Submitted by Ms. E.B. - Female - 77 years old
"This is the first thing I have tried that has had any lasting
effect. Most products work for just a while before failing.
IBS Aid, so far, has continued to work."
Submitted by Kathie R. - 50 years old
"Thanks! IBS Aid has been next to a miracle for me!"
Submitted by Ruth N. - Female over 30
Men's Success Stories
"In just 4 weeks after taking IBS Aid as indicated,
• I no longer have diarrhea;
• My GI function has returned to normal - it's perfect!
• I have increased my muscle power - a most welcome surprise.
• I breathe much better.
• After a recent sport activity for 2.5 hrs., I quickly
   recovered and didn't feel tired.
This is fantastic, I am a new man. A lot of my friends
are already asking me if they can buy it too."
Submitted by M.D.M., PhD.
"I have just completed two weeks of your product and I am
VERY pleased. My bowels have become normal and I have
not experienced any side effects at all. It is really a great
product. This is the very best and most effective product I
have ever used. Thank you for providing it."
Submitted by Ted B. - Male over 30
"Still a little early to tell, but I have seen some definite, positive results. I am hoping for continued improvement with daily, ongoing use. Thank you."
Submitted by Mr. Rob L. - Male over 50
"Have lived with IBS for a long time using laxatives and other products to try to overcome my problem. So far, IBS Aid seems to be helping"
Submitted by J. S. - Male over 50
"I've been using it about 3 weeks. I notice that
I'm not straining as before. I have complete
Submitted by Nunzio G. - Male over 50
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