"I have worked in the field of clinical nutrition for over 26 years and have never seen a product as effective against gastrointestinal distress as IBS Aid. Every patient to whom we have provided this product has shown exceptional results. I am particularly impressed with the significant reduction of various symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome."
"I have evaluated IBS Aid and have found it to be effective in varying degrees in the alleviation of gastrointestinal distress and symptoms generally defined or diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Therefore, I would recommend its use as an alternative, and natural approach, to prescription pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter remedies."
Dr. Michael Epitropoulos, DC, PhD
Dr. John Symeonides, MD
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IBS Aid Dietitian Nigel Denby comments:

"I see a huge number of patients whose lives are severely disrupted by IBS. Many have found conventional treatments unsatisfactory, and have resorted to desperate, unnecessary measures to self-treat. They thereby exclude essential food groups and nutrients from the diet, or go for long periods without eating anything at all. This is unlikely to cure the problem and, in the long term, can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies.


Many of the patients have been able to break free from the misery of their IBS by making simple adaptations to their diet and lifestyle and by using IBS Aid. It has made a real difference. IBS Aid appears to be tackling the root causes of IBS by addressing a nutritional deficit and not just the symptoms, as is the case with other supplements.


I can also see IBS Aid being used for short-term therapy for people who travel regularly, as they are more likely to consume unusual foods, increased levels of alcohol intake, and possibly contract food poisoning."




Case Studies of a Dietician

Nigel Denby used IBS Aid to help treat these sufferers:


Restricted diet due to IBS:
58-year old woman, suffered all her life with IBS. Weight plummeted to 94 pounds at one time as she was too frightened to eat anything. After taking IBS Aid in a trial, she is now able to eat a more balanced diet and even dairy products.


Stress of running own business:
Another female patient finds that stress hits her straight in the abdomen, and drugs were the only way to subdue the pain. She heard about IBS Aid through her connections in the pharmaceutical business, and cannot believe the vitality she now feels.


Cancer treatment damage set off symptoms:
The damage caused to this lady by cancer treatments led to years of terrible urgency and diarrhea. The full range of conventional and alternative treatments were unable to repair the damage done to her digestive tract. Just two months on IBS Aid has seen a dramatic improvement.


Food poisoning created life-long nightmare:
Once rogue bacteria had done the damage, nothing was able to reverse the discomfort and pain suffered by this woman. She was in a spiral of restrictions on her diet, creating serious imbalances. IBS Aid has helped her body repair her sensitive intestinal lining, and helped her get back to enjoying her regular foods again.


Crohn's disease restricted diet:
This young woman had to follow a strict liquid diet to survive. There were nutritional requirements that she could not meet which caused the need for continued medical interventions. A nutritional therapy of IBS Aid helped her body repair the GI tract. After every allopathic treatment had failed, IBS Aid allowed her to enjoy the same foods as her family.


Severe bout of food poisoning caused daily pain:
This male patient got used to suffering from pain and avoided any food he thought would make it worse. After just two months on a regimen of IBS Aid, he has experienced a dramatic reduction in pain, which removed many restrictions from his daily life.


Diverticulitis limits choice and types of food:
This man's own nutritional knowledge helped him to find a well balanced diet using freshly-prepared foods and making recipes from scratch. This helped to keep his condition under control, but he still needed to fortify his diet with this nucleotide supplement. He describes IBS Aid as his "insurance policy".


What the Experts Say